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Dando Solar Energy is a company built on the foundation of credibility in providing efficient, customer friendly services. Our policy is structured in the act of commitment, providing reliability, timeliness and effectiveness in operation. We specialize in the supply and installation of solar component and power systems, batteries, panels, battery chargers and inverters batteries. Dando Solar Energy Supplies and Install Solar Systems in Homes, Hotels, Offices, and Companies. We replace the use of Generator or Regular power supply commonly known as NEPA. We give your homes/Industries alternative and reliable power supply at low cost.

Solar System Energy Inverters & Batteries

Power outage are very common in this part of the world, it can be inconveniencing and very stressful if power suddenly goes off when watching your favorite T.V show or after cooking that sweet delicacy which should be in the refrigerator or unable to use your air condition during hot weather or iron and use your washing machine due to power outage. Our solar system provides you with 24/7 uninterrupted power supply. Guaranteed!!!

According to many energy consumption statistics, renewable energy is the safest and fastest growing energy source for power generation across the globe. This is why you need to check out our affordable and reliable renewable energy like solar system, inverters and batteries. At dando solar energy we give you guarantee on each of our products and services rendered.

Furthermore, some of the amazing features of buying a renewable energy source is that it is cost effective; maintenance free. You get to spend zero amount of money on fuels as there’s no need for generator; also, it helps to keep your environment safe and clean. As there is no worry of noise, toxic or harmful smokes. So, why think about it ? Hurry and send us a purchasing order !

Remember solar is not luxury but necessity.

Supply and Install Solar Systems that Replaces Generators

We want to help the solar and renewable industry grow, so we must understand different and new tactics revolving the industry.

Solar Street Light

Solar street lights are raised outdoor light sources, which are powered by PV panels.

Solar Pump Installation

Solar pump is able to eliminate the expense of electrical power and offer a more practical option.

Residential Solar Installation

Using solar energy instead of traditional energy sources can result in financial savings.

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Solar System Supply

Supplying and Installation of solar systems to help convert energy from sunlight into electricity.

Inverter installation

Installation of inverter and battery only without solar included to provide electricity.

Solar & Inverter installation

Installation of solar, inverter and battery to produce electricity by converting energy from sunlight.

Why Choose Us

Dando Solar Energy is built on the foundation of integrity, reliability and credibility. We use genuine products from reliable and trusted brands we partner with. We ship your items/products to anywhere in Nigeria as soon as your order is placed, installation commences immediately. Our company gives you 25 years warranty on solar systems,12 years life expectancy on batteries, 1 year warranty on the total complete package/product. We also fix and make corrections on your electrical system during project with no additional charges and provide after sale services.

Safe & Secure

We are committed to always providing a safe and secure operation with all our various clients.

24x7 Support

Our policy is structured in providing reliability, timeliness and effectiveness in operation.

Affordable Cost

We give your homes/Industries alternative and reliable power supply at affordable costs.

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