Hybrid Solar Inverter: Complete Review on Things you Should know

A hybrid solar inverter is a multi-mode inverter that can manage input from the solar panel and solar power, battery banks and grid power. It charges batteries with solar panels and electricity grid depending on your economical reach.

What Does a Hybrid Inverter do?

Hybrid inverter combines a solar and battery inverter into one component in order to get a steady power back up when there is power failure from the grid.

Types of Hybrid Solar Battery

  1. Solar/wind power hybrid inverter: this type of inverter can work for both solar panels and wind turbines, but is quite pricy than others.
  2. On-grid/off-grid hybrid inverter: This works for both solar panels and batteries, when the battery is fully charged, the inverter will start working with the grid-tie model, feed the electric power to the grid.
  3. Off-grid hybrid solar inverter: Almost like UPS solar charge controller, charge batteries from solar panels and grid, when the electricity is cut, it works as an off-grid.

You can use Hybrid Inverters without Batteries

The hybrid inverter can work without batteries because this type of inverter has been attached to the solar panels to the power grid which then supplies power from both. It is an environmentally conditioned inverter, it is less costly in times of installation and it saves electricity bills, the major advantage of this is that it will provide and restore power in cases of blackout or power outage. it serves for both unreliable and off-grid geographies, it supports household energy requirements like powering heavy appliances such as the AC in small offices and shops, it is also perfect for self-consumption applications.

The Grid-interactive inverter controls and monitors the connection of the electricity from the power plants. In addition, it also controls the disconnection of excess power from the plants. It ensures the dispatch of power at the peak time based on demand.

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