Nigeria faces a serious challenge with power supply,

The accessibility of power in Nigeria has deteriorated throughout for a long time now. The nation has not been able to satisfy its power need. Its inability to give a sufficient and dependable power supply has had a bad effect on the economy.

People have become intensely dependent on self-produced power, utilizing petroleum and diesel generators. This records almost 50% of all power consumed.

Nigeria’s deficiency of adequate power supply is a threat to the country’s financial development. The nation needs to diversify its economy past oil and gas incomes since that market is unpredictable.

Many are turning to renewable energy like solar and inverter to power their houses and businesses. The use of solar continues to grow and thrive in the country as prices of solar equipment continue to drop in the global market. At Dando Solar, we help many Nigerians take control of their energy supply by providing quality and durable solar installations.

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