Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters in Nigeria: Things you Should Know

Inverters are an important part of any solar installation; they are the brains of the system, although the inverter’s main job is to convert the DC power that is produced by the solar array into usable AC power, its existing role is to only expand. Inverters enable monitoring so installers and owners can see how a system is performing.

A solar inverter consists of a number of solar panels, electrical cables and batteries and the inverter compartment it is also known as a PV inverter or converters functions by converting variables direct current output provided by a photovoltaic solar panel into what is known as utility frequency alternating current which is majorly used in Local grid electrical networks. In other words, it converts energy trapped by the panel into an energy form that can be easily used in homes and industries. this form of energy poses no danger to the environment. There are three main solar inverters you should know

  1. Stand-alone inverters: these are inverters that get their power from batteries charged by photovoltaic rays. they are normally used in isolation.
  2. battery backup inverters: These are inverters that draw energy from batteries and also charge the batteries via onboard charging systems.
  3. Grand-tie inverters: these are inverters that do not continue to supply power even after a utility outage, they automatically shut down for safety reasons.

Calculate how Much Power you Need

When considering using solar energy, it is important for you to calculate the amount of power source you need, What appliances that would need power, and how much a day, you would be consuming power. Take a conscious decision and measure how much power you will consume before dashing out to purchase that solar inverter. Bearing in mind that a solar converter is not a generator, you ought to find one that will convert enough energy to power your appliances. Solar inverters have their limitations in how many appliances they can carry hence, it is necessary to find a solar inverter, as well as solar panels that will be ideal for you.

Choose the Right Solar Inverter and Battery System

The type of battery in your solar inverter highly determines how long the inverter will last. Therefore, this makes it essential that you choose the battery wisely. The battery capacity is one significant factor in determining whether the battery is the best option or not. The estimation of how much power you need alongside the number of backup hours will assist in determining whether the battery capacity is a good match.

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