The 5KVA Inverter: Quality Assurance

The 5KVA Inverter has become a more sort after inverter system in the market, simply because of the capacity to carry heavy appliances in a home and industry such as the Refrigerator, AC, electric cooker, washing machine and other heavy appliances.

Features of the 5KVA Inverter

  1. The high overload ability of our Inverter and charger is up to 300% rated power(20 sec.).
  2. Adopts low quiescent current, and power saver mode to reduce power consumption to 10W(3s sensing cycle)/3W(30s sensing cycle) *. It can extract max. power from various batteries with different protections and low voltage trips can be selected (9.5V/10V or 10V/10.5V).
  3. Uses PFC(power factor correction) for charger, which has less power consumption than conventional units.
  4. It has a 15s delay before transfer when AC resumes, and overload protection when our pure sine wave inverter equips with the generator.
  5. 10ms typical transfer time between battery and AC, which guarantees power continuity of the inverter- charger. Uses selectable input AC voltage (184-253V or 154-253V) for different kinds of loads.
  6. Our inverter- charger allows start-up and through power with depleted batteries. Its powerful charge rate is up to 90Amp**.
  7. It can offer 3-step intelligent battery charging, and is equipped with 8 preset battery type selectors for totally flat batteries.
  8. LCD status display, battery/AC priority switch, USB communication port are available for our pure sine wave inverter, it also has 17 alarms/warnings for easier operation and trouble-shooting, and the ability to switch the unit on/off. In addition, select/deselect power saver mode can be used too.

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