What you Need to Know About Solar Inverter Prices in Nigeria

With the rise of the need to switch to a more comfortable lifestyle with an uninterrupted power supply and ease with payment of electricity bills, solar has become a number one, go-to source. Families all over the world, are now considering a green, non-environmental disturbance mechanism that will help restore electricity for a long period without interruption and because of its rampant demand, the solar inverter prices has become relative based on its quality and the assurance it gives.

Let’s get down to the solar inverter prices and solar range that suits an everyday family lifestyle or one that can power an office or a shop

Crown Micro solar panel price in Nigeria

This is a major solar brand that was founded in the year 1992, they are also manufacturers of UPS, Power supplies, enclosures, and inverters. Below are the different ranges and prices

  1. 250W/36V monocrystalline solar panel module CMSP-M250P N 51,000
  2. 300W/24v monocrystalline solar panel N48,000
  3. 80W/18V monocrystalline solar panel N18,000
  4. 250W monocrystalline solar panel N35,000

Su-Kam solar panels in Nigeria

These are high efficiency thin-film solar panels that can outperform any conventional solar module

  1. 80W/12V solar panels N30,500
  2. 125W/12V solar panels N28,000
  3. 150W/12V Monocrystalline panels N35,000
  4. 150W/24V panels N45,000
  5. 200W/24V panels N70,000

If you are new to using solar panels you can head out for the 200W Monocrystalline solar panels which cost about N33,000. This solar panel is a starter pack and an excellent option for off-grid such as RV’s, trailers, boats.

Rubitec Solar panels prices in Nigeria

This is a company that specializes in renewable energy and one of their best selling product is the solar panel, they are mostly useful for hospitals and clinics as well as off-site ATM Machine, which is durable and maintenance-free

  1. 200w/24v Monocrystalline panels N30,000 – N40,000
  2. 260W Monocrystalline panels N50,000
  3. 200W/600V Monocrystalline panels N31,500

Although the list is endless, these are the highlighted best that can guarantee you power supply,

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